Convention week is intended to be a time of spiritual enrichment and fellowship for the young people of our denomination. We believe that all conventioneers know what is expected of them. However, we all need guidelines to govern us at times. All conventioneers will be required to abide by these rules:

  • Choice of clothing for all events including the banquet will be modest and reflect that the wearer is a child of God. This includes proper swim attire (i.e. NO bare midriffs for women). No visible undergarments. Girls, we ask that you do not wear t-shirts with sides ripped down to reveal a sports bra. (If we feel the clothing is inappropriate, you will be asked to change.)
  • No water or food fights in the camp facilities and dining hall.
  • No smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, or alcohol.
  • No illegal drugs or over-the-counter sleep inhibitors such as No-Doze, Monster, etc.
  • No knives, matches, lighters, fireworks, or any type of weapon.
  • Cell phones will be allowed during free time and games, for phone calls and for taking pictures. They may not be used during speeches and discussion groups. Chaperones have the right to take away phones if they feel you are abusing this privilege.
  • Quiet time follows devotions, and all conventioneers must stay in their buildings after that. If you leave your building after devotions, you may be asked to leave the convention.
  • Proper Christian conduct includes respect for other’s property. We intend to show respect to the camp and others belongings. Any broken items will be paid for by the person(s) responsible for the damage.
  • Conventioneers will be expected to stay on Lake Geneva Christian Center grounds at all times, and to respect others using the grounds at the same time.
  • No boys in girls’ buildings/floors; no girls in boys’ buildings/floors.
  • Shirts, shorts and shoes must be worn when inside all buildings.
  • No pranks or vandalism.

Discipline Statement

Any young person expelled from the present year’s convention will not be allowed to attend future conventions pending an appeal to the Federation Board. The young person who was expelled will be held responsible to send a letter of apology addressed to the Fed Board showing true remorse for their misconduct. Upon receiving this letter the Fed Board will grant the young person reinstatement toward future conventions.