Chaperone Signup and Guidelines

Before signing up as a chaperone, please carefully read the Chaperone Guidelines, Objectives and Methods of Chaperoning a PRYP Convention, and the 2023 Convention Rules below. You will be asked at the end of the online application if you have read and agree to each of them.

Once you’ve reviewed the guidelines and are ready to register as a chaperone, please complete the Camp Brain application form:

Click here to download the below Guidelines, Objectives & Waiver in a printable PDF

Chaperone Guidelines: 2023 PRYP Convention

Be a Spiritual Role Model

Please read the Objectives and Methods of Chaperoning a PRYP Convention.  


In all programs, discussions, and devotions, leaders and chaperones are to use only the KJV Bible translation.  All prayers should be reverent and respectful to our Heavenly Father. Lead nightly devotions in your room with your group. Encourage the young people to participate in devotions but don’t require it of them. No one should feel pressured.

Quiet Time

Quiet time varies from 10:30 pm – midnight depending on the day.  Please refer to your convention schedule for details on each day. Once quiet time begins, all conventioneers must remain in their rooms until breakfast.  Each chaperone is responsible for their group during this time and must ensure they are properly rested for the following day. Anyone found outside during quiet time may be reported to the discipline committee.

Convention Rules (See below)

Chaperones and conventioneers must abide by the convention rules.  These include your appearance, conduct, and the “No Smoking” rule. Chaperone t-shirts are not to be ripped or changed in anyway. You are to stay on the Lake Williamson grounds. You are expected to observe and report any misconduct.  Chaperones are not allowed to date conventioneers.

Discipline Committee

Chaperones are not expected to discipline conventioneers.  If you see or are aware of a problem, contact the discipline committee and they will handle it.  The committee composed of Grandville PRC Steering Committee members and a Fed Board member will be determined prior to convention. 


Team Leaders and helpers will be assigned, but all the chaperones are expected to help with the activities and serve the conventioneers as needed. 

Enjoy your time with the Conventioneers!

Objectives and Methods of Chaperoning a PRYP Convention

Adapted from Eldon Brock in CHRISTIAN CAMPING


  1.  The glory and honor of God and of His Son, Jesus Christ.
    • Whatsoever ye do in work or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.  (Col. 3:17)
    • Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. (Col. 3:23) 
  2. Help the conventioneer
    • The Convention is for the young people.  It is not necessarily for the convenience, ease, or enjoyment of the chaperones.
    • By providing edifying and satisfying experiences in lectures, bible studies, devotions, discussion groups, sports, nature, and fun.
  3.  Therefore, the chaperones are to be ready and available to help the conventioneers…
    • Express themselves in legitimate ways
    • Face their need for personal and spiritual growth
    • Acknowledge Jesus Christ to be their Savior and Lord.
    • Recognize the Bible as the only reliable source for guiding our faith and life.


  1. Be a good example, demonstrating the reality of Jesus Christ by conduct and attitude (Phil. 4:9)
    • Be attentive to camp policy and church program.
    • Be cooperative with leadership.
  2. Be with the conventioneers; not separated or segregated from them.
  3. Respect each conventioneer (as one for whom Christ died).
    • Protect the emotional safety of each person.
    • Demonstrate love and concern for each conventioneer by getting acquainted with the needs and interests of each and leading them accordingly.
  4. Instruct in devotions
    • Personalize the devotions according to age group characteristics, prior spiritual growth, and the conventioneer’s practical needs.
    • Lead them in prayer asking for understanding and help to overcome a problem
  5. Anticipate problems and try to motivate the conventioneers to positive and enjoyable actions.  Be a leader of good things.
  6. Use the Bible as your authority to present Christ’s Lordship, not yours.
  7. Give personal attention to prayer: for self and the conventioneers.
  8. Chaperones must be consecrated; concerned; compassionate; competent; cooperative.


  1. Review the day and matters for prayer which arise from it.
  2. Review the speeches, discussion groups, or sectionals and make those matters for prayer.
  3. Remember their families and churches in prayer.  Ask if there are matters for prayer in their congregations. 
  4. Encourage them to lead in prayer:  3-5 each night.

2023 Convention Rules

Convention week is intended to be a time of spiritual enrichment and fellowship for the young people of our denomination. We believe that all conventioneers know what is expected of them. However, we all need guidelines to govern us at times. As host church Grandville PRC will require all conventioneers and chaperones to abide by these rules.

  • Choice of clothing for all events, including the banquet, will be modest and reflect that the wearer desires to honor God and shine the light of Christ. This includes proper swim attire that covers the midriffs and that have full covering bottoms for women. No visible undergarments, Convention shirts are not to be torn at all. Girls, we ask that you do not wear t-shirts with sides ripped down to reveal a sports bra. If we feel the clothing is inappropriate, you will be asked to change.
  • No water or food fights in the camp facilities and dining hall.
  • No smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, or alcohol.
  • No illegal drugs or over-the-counter sleep inhibitors such as No-Doze, energy drinks, etc.
  • No knives, matches, lighters, fireworks or any type of weapon.
  • Cell phones will be allowed during free time and games for phone calls or taking pictures. They may not be used during speeches or discussion groups, except for singing and Bible reading (apps/websites). Chaperones have the right to take away phones if they feel you are abusing this privilege.
  • Quiet time follow devotions. After devotions, all conventioneers must stay in their buildings. If you leave your building after devotions, you may be asked to leave the convention.
  • Proper Christian conduct includes godly speech and respect for other people and their property. We intend to show respect to the camp and other’s belongings. Any broken items will be paid by the person(s) responsible for the damage. Conventioneers and chaperones will be expected to stay on the Lake Williamson grounds at all time and off of all private property.
  • No boys in girls’ (buildings/floors) rooms; no girls in boys’ (buildings/floors) rooms.
  • Shirts, shorts, and shoes must be worn when inside all buildings. Hats may not be worn during devotions, speeches, or discussion groups.
  • No pranks or vandalism.
  • If you are asked to leave the convention, you and your parents are responsible for getting you home.

Discipline Statement

Any young person expelled from the present year’s convention will not be allowed to attend future conventions pending an appeal to the Federation Board. The young person who was expelled will be held responsible to send a letter of apology addressed to the Fed Board and the host church steering committee showing true remorse for their misconduct. Upon receiving this letter, the Fed Board will grant the young person reinstatement toward future conventions.